Thank you to everyone who has played this riddle and CONGRATS to the players who made it to the Hall of Fame!

I hope you had as much fun solving it, as I had making it!

Favourite Level
Wonderful riddle Em! So very clever and tricky. Very nice to see some new ideas.
10, 20, 26
Way to go Em you sneaky so an so nice change from the norm so didn't know whether I was coming or going lol Thanks for the ride :P
there was a few but for sheer sneakiness it must be level 15
Excellent riddle!! Very creative with tricky, sneaky levels that certainly got my little grey cells working overtime. Well done Epresto!! Many, many thanks for making.
Too many to list, 20, 24, 26 29 to name a few
I enjoyed the riddle very much. Some very clever levels. Thinking outside the box was necessary for sure. Thanks for making it for us Em, hope there will be more :)
14, 16, 22 but most of all 26
Lots of fun levels and a few tough ones too. Thanks Epresto.
Great riddle. Very innovative ideas. I had fun playing it. Thanks for making it.
20, 26 and a few others!
Thanks for an excellent riddle! Plenty of fun solving riddles like this. A very nice design, and clever ideas. It was very hard at some points, but well mixed with a few more straight forward levels (nice to feel that something is solvable lol). Hope to see more from you!
Lvl 18 and 27 :)
Beautifully designed and difficulty perfectly balanced. I really enjoyed getting stuck in this one like I haven't in a long time. Thanks for the fun EP! Looking forward to your next.
22. Several layers of solving in one single/simple level. It takes time and patience to make such a beautiful level.
Great Job!! Thank you for creating it!
Very good levels, some creative ideas
30, 24, 26
congrats for a great riddle,having fun as always,waiting for the next!!
The aesthetics in black and white is very elegant. I also liked very much the inclusion of links to other pages. I've had a great time. Thanks so much for your work and, please, make more riddles !!!
Levels 10, 18, 22, 27, 28, 30
Laurie W
This was really challenging. I had to read a lot of hints in the walkthrough to finish. I am new to riddle games, so perhaps I will get better if I do a few more.
Level 6 was easy for me. I liked 11--it had challenge, but was not impossible for a newbie.
Lisa King
Thoroughly enjoyed these riddles! The greater the struggle, the sweeter the satisfaction of finally moving on... so sad that it's over!
So many...15, 20, 27 & 30 just to name a few
I've had a lot of fun, although some levels without help for me, would be impossible, but thanks to everyone who helped, and congratulations for your riddle Epresto!!
very good riddle thanks Epresto
I liked them.. I did not know which one to choose
I loved it. The graphics, the creativity. Though in Room 4 "I could not escape through the garden", I never felt locked up in this riddle. Thank you for sharing it with us and allowing us to tumble and twist our brains, trying to follow your way out through the doors. It was a joy to spend time in here.
Last week I have been working my way through the riddle again, but .... favourite? The way you worked out your ideas really appealed to me. Okay, I liked your binary-rooms.
This was a great riddle! I had a few bumps at the beginning, and some solutions seemed a bit non-intuitive, but I soon found my groove. Thank you, E Presto, for hours of great gameplay and brain-training, and for being so kind and helpful in the comments! :)
I loved the riddle! I had to brush up on some skills but it was fun to relearn them! And the illustrations were great! Thanks so much!
My favorite level was 10. Brought back some memories.
very exciting and original
It was tough and I had to seek help many times, however, I did it :) Overall, I enjoyed it because it gives one a sense of achievement
All the ones that didn't involve maths:)
Simply amazing. Hard, but wonderful.
Room 20
Thanks for a great riddle. Sorry, I found it so late, but I enjoyed playing through it even though everyone else finished already.
Queen (Better Late then Never)
Amazing Job , so creative I really enjoyed this riddle................
Laurie W
I loved it
All of them
I really enjoyed it. thanks very much
15, 7 Lots of them really.
Very good riddle with a lot of fun - and sometimes tough - levels! Many Congratulations!!! Waiting impatiently for the next one...
10, 18, 26, 29
Thank you! Very nice riddle. I enjoyed it a lot. Pretty challenging, nice puzzles and looking forward for the next one!!!
10, 16, 18, 20, 26